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  1. Administratie & Dezvoltare

    1. Administrative

      Rules are a part of our life, so Max3Semne community have a strict law updated periodically.

    2. Forum

      This category have as goal development and maintaining the community. Here you can find community basic categories.

    3. Users & Development

      This category is responsible with administration of users accounts and also their modification.

    4. Join our official clan   (27 visits to this link)


  2. Competitive Arena

    1. 8
  3. Projects

    1. Battle Contests

      The classical contests "WarNight" and "WarDay" have been integrated in new projects who promise a better atmosphere and a better gameplay system.

    2. Checkers

      Main project who come into the checking of players playing on "Competitive Arena" or "Battle Contests".

    3. News

      Category that offer posibility to a free advertising visible for all forum, but also the category where are announced breakings of general rules.

  4. Max3Semne Online

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    2. 3
  5. Generals

    1. Graphic Zone

      The community main DESIGN project. Here you can find talented designers that can satisfy your cravings with their creativity and work style.

    2. Entertainment

      Intended area for seekers of entertainment, news and also for sport or travels passionate.

    3. Gaming & Technology

      Games, parts, programs, but also new gadgets, and also their review.

  6. General Archive

    1. Archive

      Nothing is thrown away, everything is recycled in Archive.

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    • Nickname Husein Nerdiz:
      Varsta: 16 ani
      Experienta AMX: 👍
      Steam ID:  -
      Microfon TS: [On/Off] On
      Unique ID: -
      Poza invite grup STEAM: -
      Ati citit regulamentul?: [Da/Nu] 👍 Din cate am observat, Sv este in decadere, din aceasta cauza fac cererea aceasta., reusesc sa strang 10 persoane pentru a juca un mix insa nu avem admin. ;/ Multumesc anticipat.
    • Cauti jante din aliaj sau tabla la cel mai bun pret? JANTE ALIAJ orice auto si jante din tabla originale sau aftermarket gasesti la Vadrexim tot timpul. Profita de promotiile la  JANTE din aliaj si tabla pentru marci auto cum ar fi: AUDI, BMW, Mercedes, Opel, Logan, Renault, etc...,marci de jante cunoscute sau mai putin cunoscute: AEZ, DEZENT, DOTZ, ENZO, BORBET, ALCAR STAHLRAD, GM, etc... LIVRARE 100% GRATIS 4 buc! Montaj imediat la cumparare in Service Roti Autorizat RAR. Comanda JANTE TABLA orice autovehicul, jante din aliaj si anvelope vara si iarna pe vadrexim.ro, Tel. 0730 710 764.
    • Cauti anvelope de vara sau iarna la cel mai bun pret? ANVELOPE IARNA ieftine sau premium, dar si anvelope de vara sau all season gasesti la Vadrexim pentru toate tipurile de autovehicule. PROMOTII la ANVELOPE de iarna si vara, marci de cauciucuri cunoscute sau mai putin cunoscute pe piata din Romania, Michelin, Dunlop, Goodyear, Continental,Pirelli, Nokian, Tigar, Taurus, Matador, Windforce, etc. LIVRARE 100% GRATIS 4buc! Montaj pe loc la cumparare in Service ROTI autorizat RAR. Comanda online anvelope iarna sau ANVELOPE VARA ieftine resapate sau noi si jante din aliaj sau tabla pe vadrexim.ro, Tel: 0730 710 764 .
    • Tip lucrare(Avatar / Semnatura / Banner): Avatar Dimensiuni: Sa incapa la avatar. Text: Alessandro.  Stock / Tema:  Ultima cerere [link]: -  Optional in Ae daca se poate sa apara litera cu litera, daca nu, un blur macar. Cum poti si ai timp. 
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