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  1. Administratie & Dezvoltare

    1. Administrative (6 posts in this forum)

      Rules are a part of our life, so Max3Semne community have a strict law updated periodically.

      1. Rules
      1. Announcements
      1. Administrative Team
      1. Marketplace
    2. Forum (2 posts in this forum)

      This category have as goal development and maintaining the community. Here you can find community basic categories.

      1. Apply for rank [OFF]
      1. Projects
      1. Complaints
    3. Users & Development (24 posts in this forum)

      This category is responsible with administration of users accounts and also their modification.

      1. Introduce yourself
      1. Suggestions
      1. DNS Management
    4. Join our official clan   (93 visits to this link)


  2. Max3Semne Online

    1. Counter-Strike Servers (7 posts in this forum)


      1. Administrative Announcements
      1. Slot / Admin Request
      1. Unban Request
      1. Complaints
      1. Banlist
  3. Competitive Arena

  4. Projects

    1. Battle Contests (6 posts in this forum)

      The classical contests "WarNight" and "WarDay" have been integrated in new projects who promise a better atmosphere and a better gameplay system.

      1. Nightbattle Contest
      1. Daybattle Contest
    2. Checkers (8 posts in this forum)

      Main project who come into the checking of players playing on "Competitive Arena" or "Battle Contests".

      1. Informations
      1. Rules
      1. Checkers Team
      1. Apply for Checker
      1. Checkers Complaints
      1. Check demo request
      1. Absence
      1. Forbidden Players & Blacklist
    3. News (4 posts in this forum)

      Category that offer posibility to a free advertising visible for all forum, but also the category where are announced breakings of general rules.

      1. Free Advertising
      1. Blacklist & Breaking Rules
  5. Generals

    1. Graphic Zone (23 posts in this forum)

      The community main DESIGN project. Here you can find talented designers that can satisfy your cravings with their creativity and work style.

      1. Announcements
      1. Graphics Team
      1. Portofolio
      1. Assistance
      1. Gifts
      1. Challenges
    2. Entertainment (9 posts in this forum)

      Intended area for seekers of entertainment, news and also for sport or travels passionate.

      1. Forum Games
      1. Sport Prediction
      1. Travels
      1. Funny Things
      1. Discussions
      1. Music Gallery
    3. Gaming & Technology (4 posts in this forum)

      Games, parts, programs, but also new gadgets, and also their review.

      1. Hardware
      1. Software
      1. Gaming News
  6. General Archive

    1. Archive (24 posts in this forum)

      Nothing is thrown away, everything is recycled in Archive.

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