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  1. Administratie & Dezvoltare

    1. Administrative

      Rules are a part of our life, so Max3Semne community have a strict law updated periodically.

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    2. Forum

      This category have as goal development and maintaining the community. Here you can find community basic categories.

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    3. Users & Development

      This category is responsible with administration of users accounts and also their modification.

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  2. Max3Semne Online

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  3. Competitive Arena

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  4. Projects

    1. News

      Category that offer posibility to a free advertising visible for all forum, but also the category where are announced breakings of general rules.

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  5. Generals

    1. Graphic Zone

      The community main DESIGN project. Here you can find talented designers that can satisfy your cravings with their creativity and work style.

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    2. Entertainment

      Intended area for seekers of entertainment, news and also for sport or travels passionate.

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    3. Gaming & Technology

      Games, parts, programs, but also new gadgets, and also their review.

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  6. General Archive

    1. Archive

      Nothing is thrown away, everything is recycled in Archive.

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Despre Noi

Buna ziua, site-ul pe care te afli in acest moment este cunocut sub numele de Max3semne Romania. Acest site a fost creat pentru a arata pasiunea jocurilor si a jucatorilor. Pe acest site te poti face cunoscut de membrii site-ului, facandu-ti o prezentare. Aceasta comunitate are un staff serios si care stie sa respecte regulamentul indiferent de situatie. Comunitatea detine servere de gaming pe care iti poti face prieteni virtuali. In afara de servere de gaming, comunitatea pune la dispozitia playerilor un server de TeamSpeak.Comunitatea pune la dispozitia jucatorilor pasionati de Counter strike 1.6, serverele pe care le detine! Orice player care are rabdare si cunostinte in amxx poate face o cerere de admin, dar bineinteles trebuie ca playerul respectiv sa aiba si activitate.Detinatorul comunitatii este Costy.

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