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    Niste Zaspali|Cope

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    1. Niste Zaspali|Cope

      I got this in console: Kicked :"pozdoma. (banned permanently)" I think admin who banned me is: duga devetka I cant find ScreenShoot, but if Admin : Duga Devetka have profs ofc let we see it
    2. Niste Zaspali|Cope

      Real name: Petar Game name: Niste Zaspali|Cope Age: 14 Email: peco.terzic.22@gmail.com Link Hours played: Think 2 Degree Wanted: Steam Moderator (ON / OFF): off Where did you find the server ?: Online Can you give 1 boost 24h 1 time a week ?: yes Have you read the rules ?: yes Hours you are willing to stay on the server: 2-3 hours/day How long do you play on the server: 4 days Can you donate at least 1 Euro per month ?: yes Reason for which you want Admin: Last night on server was cheater with spinbot and on server 0 admins.I usually play on night so i can save server on night.
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