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  1. Niste Zaspali|Cope

    I got this in console: Kicked :"pozdoma. (banned permanently)" I think admin who banned me is: duga devetka I cant find ScreenShoot, but if Admin : Duga Devetka have profs ofc let we see it
  2. Niste Zaspali|Cope

    Real name: Petar Game name: Niste Zaspali|Cope Age: 14 Email: peco.terzic.22@gmail.com Link Hours played: Think 2 Degree Wanted: Steam Moderator (ON / OFF): off Where did you find the server ?: Online Can you give 1 boost 24h 1 time a week ?: yes Have you read the rules ?: yes Hours you are willing to stay on the server: 2-3 hours/day How long do you play on the server: 4 days Can you donate at least 1 Euro per month ?: yes Reason for which you want Admin: Last night on server was cheater with spinbot and on server 0 admins.I usually play on night so i can save server on night.

Despre Noi

Buna ziua, site-ul pe care te afli in acest moment este cunocut sub numele de Max3semne Romania. Acest site a fost creat pentru a arata pasiunea jocurilor si a jucatorilor. Pe acest site te poti face cunoscut de membrii site-ului, facandu-ti o prezentare. Aceasta comunitate are un staff serios si care stie sa respecte regulamentul indiferent de situatie. Comunitatea detine servere de gaming pe care iti poti face prieteni virtuali. In afara de servere de gaming, comunitatea pune la dispozitia playerilor un server de TeamSpeak.Comunitatea pune la dispozitia jucatorilor pasionati de Counter strike 1.6, serverele pe care le detine! Orice player care are rabdare si cunostinte in amxx poate face o cerere de admin, dar bineinteles trebuie ca playerul respectiv sa aiba si activitate.Detinatorul comunitatii este Costy.

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