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    Salut, am vrut sa fac acest topic sa vedem cu cine ne jucam, discutam. Hello Every one , i make this topic to see who am talk , play , etc.... cine primul?
  2. În acest topic, după cum ați observat și din titlu, vom păstra evidența promovărilor/ degradărilor pe forumul nostru.
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    Contra @Legends. # MAX3SEMNE ! 0 posts and you request for grade , make some activity in any category you like and then come back after 1 week with another Cerer! good luck!
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    Daca aveti o Propunere sau o Sugestie o puteti face aici dupa urmatorul Model.! Nume: Descriere propunere / sugestie: Cu ce ar putea ajuta comunitatea?:
  5. Jay and Silent Bob are preparing to strike back (again). Kevin Smith made an appearance on Guerrilla Collective today to show off a new trailer for upcoming 2D brawler Jay and Silent Bob: Chronic Blunt Punch. You can see it above. It's been a while since CBP was announced: its Fig campaign was funded (and then some) back in 2016. Presumably the new trailer means it's almost ready to be sold on Quick Stop store shelves everywhere. The trailer shows the chronically stoned duo brawling against what appear to be mostly street hockey players and a few big, mean-looking bosses. Bob has a cannonball attack (he doesn't shoot a cannon, he just jumps on people as if he's doing a cannonball into a pool) and swings a weighted sock around—which seems familiar, though it's been ages since I've seen any of Kevin Smith's movies. Jay has a nice high-kick and a head-banger headbutt. The trailer doesn't show a release date, but Jay and Silent Bob: Chronic Blunt Punch has a Steam store page now that says it'll be out on August 15, 2021. Which seems a little too specific for a game a year (and a day) away. I assume it's just a placeholder, but will update this story when I find out for sure.
  6. Skate Story puts you in control of a crystalline figure, like a low-poly Silver Surfer, while you skate through serene, eerie hallways towards a beautiful setting sun. You are, literally, skateboarding your way out of the underworld. It's an abstract game. I point all this out, because absorbing that abstract flavor and then realizing how much detail Skate Story puts into animating a single foot movement feels like the key to understanding it. Strip out any extraneous detail, pull in the camera, and you can relish in the physicality of even a simple kickflip. Or, as the developer put it with a lot less pretension: "The idea is to frame the beauty of a setup."
  7. PC Gamer is supported by its audience. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more Home News RPG Divinity: Original Sin 2 Divinity: Original Sin 2 just got new quests, new loot, and a new boss By Tyler Wilde an hour ago "The Four Relics of Rivellon" is the latest in a year-long series of "Gift Bag" updates. COMMENTS For about a year now, Divinity: Original Sin 2 has been getting free add-ons called "Gift Bags" which contain new stuff like additional character customization options and toggleable rule changes (eg, the ability to regain Source Points with a bedroll). The latest Gift Bag, called The Four Relics Of Rivellon, is a bit different: It actually contains new quests and items. Announced during day two of the Guerrilla Collective's summer gaming shows, it's available now and adds "new quests in search of four ancient armour sets imbued with magical properties." There's a new Undead Dragon boss, too. Like the other Gift Bags, The Four Relics Of Rivellon is a free update, and it also comes with a big list of bug fixes. As if you needed another reason to play or replay our 2017 GOTY, here one is.
  8. The squirrels are up to something, and in narrative indie adventure Nuts you'll get to the bottom of it by following them around, tracking their movements, recording them, and analyzing the footage. Get intrigued by the Nuts trailer above, which premiered on the Guerrilla Collective's second showcase today. "You are a tiny cog in the ever-grinding machinery of Viago University’s research efforts," reads Nuts' official website. "You’ve been sent on assignment to live alone in a dinky caravan in Melmoth Forest. Your job? To figure out where the native squirrels nest and what mysterious business they get up to." This is 100% up my alley. My phone is full of squirrel pictures already—not because I find them particularly suspicious but because they're just kinda cute and every time I step outside, there they are. Nibblin' nuts. Staring at me. Watching me. Hm, maybe they are up to something. Either way, if there's a mystery involving squirrels that can be solved with cameras, I'm down for it. You can be too: there's a free demo of Nuts on Steam. The full game release is planned for 2021.
  9. 30XX is an action-platformer roguelike that looks a lot like Mega Man, right down to the blue-hued hero with a bulbous gun on the end of his arm, and in fact it cites that game as an influence on Steam. It's set 1000 years after the 2017 game 20XX, and apparently the world has not changed for the better over all those years: The advent of the "Synthetic Mind" has sapped humanity of the will to reach for the stars, and it falls to you to do something about it. The trailer that rolled out during today's Guerrilla Collective livestream showcases Ace, one of the game's playable characters (which is why he's red, not blue), who uses swift, combo-friendly techniques like the Zen Ascent and Dolomite Link, all of which are bound to your keyboard or controller as button combos so they're all available at once. Ace's weapons also have a secondary Unleash Blade maneuver, give each of them "a unique playstyle with more personality." 30XX's roguelike design promises new levels, items, and powers with each playthrough, even after you beat the game, and along with solo play it will also support local and online multiplayer for two. The Steam page says it's expected to be out "in the year 30XX, probably," which I don't think is meant to be a serious estimate, but for now it's all we've got to go on. If you'd like to be notified if and when that release timing is updated, you can sign up for a mailing list at
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    Welcome to Max3Smne.ro!
  11. MODEL DE CERERE: IP: DNS dorit: Joc (CS:GO/CS 1.6): Mod de joc: Număr de sloturi: Firmă de găzduire: Link Gametracker: Deținători (nume forum): Contact: ---------------------------- DNS personalizat (ex.: GO.MAX3SEMNE.RO); Grad de "Manager server";
  12. Probabil ești aici deoarece ești nou pe forum. Aici este categoria unde vă puteți prezenta, pentru a ne cunoasțe mai bine. MODELS : Prenume: Vârstă: Localitate (oraș): De unde ai aflat de Max3Semne?: Hobby-uri/job: Părerea ta despre Max3Semne: Pe ce server din comunitate joci: Alte informații: Cu toate astea, Bine ai venit pe Max3Semne.ro!
  13. Modern military shooter World War 3 will be revamping and expanding with backing from a new publisher, says development studio The Farm 51. The Farm 51 will partner with global publisher MY.GAMES, known for the shooter Warface, on World War 3, though The Farm 51 has emphasized many times since announcing the partnership that they will retain creative control over what goes into the game. MY.GAMES will assist with publishing, marketing, community management, customer support, and backend infrastructure for World War 3. As part of the game's overhaul before relaunch World War 3 will halt sales on Steam. Players who have purchased the game already will still be able to play it. Neither The Farm 51 nor MY.GAMES have confirmed that there will be a change in the game's pricing model, or if the game will become free to play, only that "details of the distribution model will be revealed later in 2020." Developer and The Farm 51 co-founder Kamil Bilczynski issued a statement last month about the partnership: “Our collaboration with MY.GAMES ensures that we can take a truly global approach to publishing World War 3, while remaining faithful to our original vision for the game as we work to enhance its core gameplay, polish mechanics, and push the boundaries of the overall scale of the project.” A developer log has detailed the extensive changes due to be implemented before the game's 1.0 release. New maps, strikes, and weapons will be implemented alongside an entire Asian theater of war with its own accompanying gear. There will also be an entirely new movement system. New UI and HUD elements will accompany a new progression system. Players will also get the ability to switch out weapon attachments in real time, rather than being fixed to loadouts changed between matches.
  14. While the English Premier League has been providing entertainment in the age of social distancing thanks to the ePremier League Invitational Tournament played in FIFA 20, now that actual matches are returning to the field FIFA is coming to the rescue again—with EA Sports providing crowd noises for Sky Sports in the absence of actual audience members in the seats. While other sporting events have replaced crowds with cardboard cutouts (or in the case of one Korean baseball match, stuffed animals), the eerie silence can make games seem more like training exercises. Also, it's a lot harder to cover up all the swearing. And that's why, as the Sky Sports website explains, "In partnership with EA SPORTS FIFA, Sky Sports has created a range of bespoke and team-specific crowd noises and chants to bring the vibrant atmosphere of the Premier League to the restart."Presumably there will be an element of live control over the crowd noise to simulate responses to goals and penalties and whatnot. Currently the plan is for the Premier League to restart on June 17, after three months of shutdown, with Aston Villa vs Sheffield United and Manchester City vs Arsenal as the first two matches. It's all provisional at this stage, of course.
  15. Look, before you get mad at me, I totally get it if you're head over heels in love with the supposed RTX 3080 design pictured below. Coming out of Chinese-language forum, Chiphell, the RTX 3080 has been snapped donning an unusual twin-fan design, and its many heatsinks and wind-tunnel design has already won favour among nosy aficionados. But all of us hardware folk here at PC Gamer agree, it's just a little nasty. The cross design, the strange fins, the lack of detail, the tiny font—it's all just a bit basic. So is this really our first look at Nvidia's Ampere architecture in GeForce garb? We only have a single photograph to go off (via 9550pro on Twitter), and in the tech world that's far from conclusive evidence. While it sure looks like it would be an Nvidia special—what with the font, black and silver shroud, and profoundly Jen-Hsun styling—there's also nothing specifically linking this design to Nvidia just yet.
  16. Magic: The Gathering's powerful pyromancer is making a comeback in M:TG's next release. Wizards of the Coast have sent over four card previews that give us some insight into Chandra's volatile new form, which sees her take to the battlefield with three new pets. 'Pets' isn't quite the right way to describe them, actually. They are elemental embodiments of red mana that can fry foes with direct damage or, in the case of Chandra's Pyreling, passively grow in strength as your deck does damage. But first lets focus on the Planeswalker herself. Chandra, Heart of Fire rewards decks built around direct damage instants with a big late-game nuke. The free mana and ability to pick "any number" of instant or sorcery cards out of your deck has the potential to obliterate an opponent in one huge conflagration.Next up, a cheap (but adorable) minion that can do consistent chip damage at a summoning cost of just two mana.
  17. Ever feel like your Stormtroopers are a bit bland? Like they lack the verve and identifying markers that a professional fighting force should have? Modder Norm feels the same way, and has cranked out a visual overhaul for Star Wars: Battlefront 2's imperial faction called The Galactic Empire - Reimagined. The mod changes near every model on the imperial faction, giving each of their classes a more distinct visual design. The new troopers have stylish identification shoulder armor and small visual flourishes that make them look like more of a combat-ready force who can hold their own, rather than slick policemen. I especially like the decision to add MOLLE-esque pockets and the like to their armor. With DICE ending support for Star Wars: Battlefront 2 we've seen a flurry of modding activity around it. Modders often really take on big challenges after official support ends because developer updates are now much less likely to break their work, requiring significant fixing. We quite like Star Wars: Battlefront 2's final form around here. Our Fraser Brown was an exceptionally big fan of its revamped looks, calling it "the best Star Wars game we've had in years."
  18. Last year, Taiwanese developer Red Candle Games pulled its first-person horror game, Devotion, from Steam. At the time, it cited technical issues and claimed it was just doing another QA check. It never returned. But now it's finally back, kinda. It's getting a limited physical release, but only in Taiwan. A few days before it disappeared, Devotion had been subjected to a review bombing campaign over the appearance of a Winnie the Pooh meme that mocked Chinese president Xi Jinping. Red Candle removed the meme and issued an apologetic statement, but that didn't seem to be enough to stem the criticism from its detractors in China. The announcement following its departure did allude to the controversy, with the studio saying it wanted to ease the pressure from the community by reviewing the game once again to make sure no "unintended materials" made it in, but there was no indication that Devotion wasn't coming back. Six months later, there was no word on its reappearance, and its Chinese publisher, Indievent, had its business licence revoked by the Shanghai city government. Publishing duties outside of China were handled by Taiwan-based Winking Entertainment, but it cut ties with Red Candle. While the official documents didn't mention Devotion specifically, Red Candle followed up the news by saying that the inclusion of the meme had "caused immeasurable harm to Red Candle Games and our partner." It also explained that it wouldn't be releasing Devotion in the near future, but it would reconsider a re-release if "the public would be willing to view this game rationally and allow us the opportunity to rebuild trust with our players." The Devotion website lists two editions of the game (cheers ResetEra), both of which are physical editions exclusive to Taiwan. It's available now for preorder, and will be until June 15, but delivery is limited to Taiwan. In a statement on Facebook, however, Red Candle said it still receives inquiries from players all over the world and "will continue to to try various possibilities" in an effort to let more people play. Those able to take advantage of the limited release are in for a brief but emotional game about ghosts and time travel set in 1980s Taiwan. James was able to take it for a spin before it vanished and said it "presents as familiar and predictable, but goes to unexpected places, dealing with terrors both real and imagined, and climaxes in an assembly of light and music and emotion that few horror games even try for."
  19. Battlefield 5's summer update is here, and it's a big one—in part because it's the last major update planned for DICE's WW2 shooter. It's a 9.75GB drop of tweaks and new stuff, featuring two new maps, along with new weapons, gadgets, grenades and vehicles. The two new maps are Al Marj Encampment and a redesigned version of Provence. The first is an infantry-only affair in Libya, which—according to the patch notes—features a mix of close-quarter and ranged fighting throughout. The new Provence has been expanded to include the outskirts and surrounding farmland of the French town. The increased size means its 64-player variant now supports tanks. You can find the full patch notes over at the Battlefield 5 subreddit, along with a message from DICE community manager Freeman explaining the subdued push around this final release. "We recognize that there are more important conversations taking place in the world today," he writes, going on to encourage everyone to take notice of recent events both in the US and around the world. "Yesterday, we at EA committed ourselves to education and driving meaningful change through actions. This is a long-term commitment that you can read more about here."
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