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Exclusive Magic: The Gathering card reveal – Chandra brings fiery friends to battle

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Magic: The Gathering's powerful pyromancer is making a comeback in M:TG's next release. Wizards of the Coast have sent over four card previews that give us some insight into Chandra's volatile new form, which sees her take to the battlefield with three new pets.

'Pets' isn't quite the right way to describe them, actually. They are elemental embodiments of red mana that can fry foes with direct damage or, in the case of Chandra's Pyreling, passively grow in strength as your deck does damage.

But first lets focus on the Planeswalker herself. Chandra, Heart of Fire rewards decks built around direct damage instants with a big late-game nuke. The free mana and ability to pick "any number" of instant or sorcery cards out of your deck has the potential to obliterate an opponent in one huge conflagration.Next up, a cheap (but adorable) minion that can do consistent chip damage at a summoning cost of just two mana.


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